Dear Friend,

My name is Walter Michiel van der Wolf and I’m a guy from The Netherlands. I’m married, father of three and consider myself to be an ‘Earth dweller’, a ‘Heaven’s citizen’ and a ‘Pilgrim’ at heart.

At the moment I’m earning my money with a career in the healthcare sector. Job security is all around me. I’ve been working with people most of my life. And the thing I enjoy most about working with people is personal contact.

So many lives and stories come and go. Joy and sadness are everywhere. It’s amazing that, over the past 50 years, I’ve been around so many people and still find this strenuous work in healthcare worthwhile doing. I believe that miracles, and this is one of them, still happen on a daily basis.

A Christian

Some time ago I wrote a small book called ‘Walter M. van der Wolf – Een korte levensbeschouwing‘. It’s written in Dutch and describes what happened when I became a believer. People who want to read and download the pdf-file for free can click on this link

At the moment I’m on a pilgrimage to the ancient capital of Israel, Jerusalem. I started hiking in 2018 and have documented all my trips on this (and my previous) website. Future hikes I will post on this website beginning with Episode 9.

For a look at my previous 8 trips and my preparations for this pilgrimage you can visit my previous website by clicking on the following link: Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage.


There have been a lot of movies which have influenced my life in a positive way. Actually to much to mention here. On my previous website I mentioned some great stuff. But I will mention some interesting films and video’s below.


Wow, there is so much good music out there. As with most people not only the sound affects me but also the lyrics are important to me. It must build me up and motivate me spiritually and emotionally. Some of my (non-classical) favourites I have put in a YouTube playlist.

You can have a try if you want and listen below …

Anyway … I hope and pray that you’ll find some miracles and ‘Refreshments for the Soul’ on this website.

Enjoy your visit.

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