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Blog update ….

Dear Fiends,

As of today I’m returning to my ‘old’ free WordPress blog again …

Unfortunately I need to end my current WordPress subscription here which will expire on the 18th of March 2020. So you won’t be able to visit wmvanderwolf.com here anymore after that date.

Due to regulations of my hostingprovider I’ll have to downgrade my existing subscription to a free subscription again. And since my ‘old’ blog was a free WP blog I’ve decided to continue my future blogposts there.

So excuse me for the inconvenience this may cause for you, the subscribers of my blog. Perhaps I’ll see you there again in the near future if you still want to follow my updates.


God bless,


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Welcome to this website …

Dear Friends,

This website is a continuation of my previous free WordPress blog which I had for over 8 years. Recently I had the feeling it was time for something new. Especially a new website without ads and now only written in English. Accessible for more people around the globe.

The old website will be up and running as long as possible. If you’re interested in my previous posts you can still find them here: vanderwolf.wordpress.com

From now on I will publish all the ‘good stuff’ here.

Best regards,


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