The Bible.

The Bible is the Book of Life. In it we find Victory over death and Eternal Life through the person of Jesus Christ. I discovered this great truth on the 15th of november back in 1989.  It changed my life completely. Unto this day I’ve been a devoted disciple and follower of The Lord.

Since then the KJV has become my favourite Bible. The King James Version is widely regarded as the most accurate English translation of the Bible. Its translators performed a painstakingly meticulous, precise and accurate job in the translation – a project that took seven years.

The King James Bible is said to be the most sold, read, bought, published, given away, believed, translated, quoted, and accurate book the world has ever experienced.

King James Bible Facts:

  • The most popular Bible translation; an estimated 1 billion or more copies have been published;
  • The translation was brought upon by King James I of England;
  • First published in 1611 A.D. (some believe between May 2nd – May 5th);
  • More than 169 original 1611 King James Bibles are in existance today;
  • Gothic text and Jacobean spelling was used in the original 1611 version, which is noticeably different than 21st Century English;
  • 80 books were included (39 in Old Testament, 14 in Apocrypha, and 27 in New Testament);
  • Contains 788,258 total words, of which 14,565 are unique;
  • The title was not originally called the “King James Version”, but “THE HOLY BIBLE, Containing the Old Testament, AND THE NEW: Newly Translated out of the Original tongues: & with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties special Commandment”;
  • 1814 A.D. is the earliest recorded date of it being called “King James Version” or “Authorized Version”;
  • The original book was very large: approximately 17″ tall, 30″ wide when opened, and it weighed up to 30 pounds;
  • The first 1611 Bibles were expensive and were chained to the front pulpit of churches, to prevent from being stolen;
  • Prior to the 1611 King James Bible, most churches did not have Bibles;
  • The King James Bible is the first English Bible ever printed in the United States- first printed by the King’s Printer in England, then printing and distribution spread throughout the world;
  • Public officials on all levels of United States government, including presidents, have taken their oath of office with the King James Bible;
  • A committee of 54 translators worked for 7 years to complete the King James translation.

The importance of Biblical History Charts & Timelines.

Below you can download a History Chart and a Timeline for educational purposes. These files are available with permission of Dr. Kent Hovind from Creation Science Evangelism. I seriously recommend the following two timelines to everyone who studies and reads the Bible. In my opinion the best around! 

The first one is the ‘Bible World View of History’ chart. Click on the link below for a big size jpg (1,11 MB). And the second one is the ‘Longevity Chart from Adam to Joseph’. Click on the link below for a big size pdf (523 KB).

Bible World View of History

Longevity Chart from Adam to Joseph

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